Baby Gear You Don’t Need

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When I was pregnant, my husband and I researched every item we were going to put on our registry and purchase.   Besides, “baby gear you need,” I should have researched “baby gear you don’t need.”

My registry was jam packed full of gear.  We were fully prepared for anything this baby threw our way. We had everything and then some on the list.  From expensive bedding to different play yards, we felt as though we needed it all before the baby even got here.

You quickly realize the things you’re going to rely on to get you through the day and the things you’re probably going to use a few times before giving up on.

These are the baby gear items I could have lived without (and you probably can too.)

Baby Gear You Don't Need - Baby Gear You Can Live Without - New Mom Advice - Baby Registry - New Mom Tips - Tips for First Time Parents

Baby Gear You Don’t Need

1. Wipe Warmer

My husband, my dear sweet husband, wanted this damn wipe warmer more than anything.  I refused to put it on our registry and he eventually just bought it himself. He was worried Rion would cry out after being wiped with a room temperature wipe as opposed to a slightly warmer wipe.

As new parents, you soon realize there are battles you don’t want to fight and this was one of them. I used the wipe warmer and prepared for a life in which my son would have his royal behind warmed as I wipe him. The life.

Until one day I had a rolling seven month old with a poopy diaper and an empty wipe warmer.  I pulled the last wipe out knowing this was a two wipe job.  The storage wipes were obviously not right in front of us.  I had to pick my rolling boy up, try not to get poop all over me, get a new package of wipes, go back to where we started, and fill the wipe warmer?

Not happening.

I opened the package of wipes and never looked back. I knew the wipe warmer was useless from the start.

I’d also like it to be known that my son didn’t notice a difference in the temperature of his wipes. He didn’t notice the difference when we were outside the house without warm wipes, why would he freak out now?

2. Diaper Genie

This one my husband fought me on. I said we needed one, and he said we’d be disposing of the stinky diapers daily and the refills would be expensive.

We analyzed the costs, did a little research, and decided on a regular trash can and emptying the trash daily. In the end, we stuck to it.  We use a small four gallon trash can and get rid of the bag daily.

To anyone who says “Well I don’t have to go outside!” Okay.  I’m already going outside, so I’ll just take the trash there too.

3. Expensive Crib Bedding

It looks so cute, but you can’t use any of it. You need a fitted sheet. You can get a crib skirt if you want something a little more fancy, but you really only need a fitted sheet for your crib.

To reduce the risk of SIDS, you won’t put a comforter or use a crib bumper.  You can read more about SIDS prevention here.

Take that money you want to spend on the crib bedding and either buy a lot of fitted sheets OR treat yourself to a mani-pedi because you deserve it.

4. Expensive Swing

The Mamaroo was all the rage.  I think Rion used it for a few weeks in the beginning, then 5-10 minutes here or there for maybe 2-3 months.  It just wasn’t his thing.  Everyone says to get a swing, and I wish I invested in a regular swing and not the Mamaroo which was more of a baby glider.

I really think for our next child I am going to invest in a swing if the Mamaroo is once again a no-go.

I really liked what the Mamaroo could do. Maybe 4Moms could make an adult version of the Mamaroo with a wine glass holder.

5. High Chair

We got a really good deal on our high chair and ended up taking it off the registry.  Ours was a 4-in-1 high chair that would grow with our son. Perfect! I love a multi-tasker!

Living in a small two bedroom apartment, we are pretty limited on space.  Though the high chair was in a spot that we didn’t really use much next to our dining room table, it was in the way, clunky, and difficult to move.

I ended up turning it into the infant feeding booster seat in no time and strapped it to a dining room chair.  We don’t have a lot of guests living so far from family, so it works for us.  You may want to go for something like this right away.

Ri also loves eating at the table with us.  He eats more watching us eat and mimics what we do.

We put the high chair base in storage. No clue if it will make an appearance in the future, but for now it’s found its home.

6. Baby Food Processor

I put this on our registry because it’s a really neat idea. It cooks the food and turns it into baby food in just one push of a button.


For some reason, I thought I’d have all the time in the world to make food.  Once I had the baby, I knew it wasn’t going to happen as I had no time to remember to brush my teeth let alone make gourmet baby food.

It was purchased for us and I quietly protested that we should return it. John said we’d use it.

I think we used it five times. At $20 a use, it was not a good buy.

We more or less jumped into a mix of purees along with taking some pages from Baby Led Weaning. I wanted to go full BLW, John wanted to do purees.  We met in the middle and called it “Feeding our kid.”

John felt like the baby food processor was a bit tough to clean. Ri also screamed at the top of his lungs every time it spun the food. That sound alone was enough to stop using the processor.

You really don’t need this if you already have a food processor or a blender.  Both work just as well so you can take up less cabinet and counter space.

We also ended up just starting to buy the pouches and tubs of puree baby food.  It just was easier for us. I wish I had more time and energy into making more of his food, but it worked for us so we went with it.

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With a ton of items out there saturating the baby market, there’s a lot of baby gear you don’t need. In the end, find what works for you and your family.  Some swear by items on this list, but I know most of the moms I speak too agree – you make do with what you have and probably won’t miss anything with bells and whistles.

What did you buy that you barely used if at all? What baby products did you end up skipping?

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Baby Gear You Don't Need - Baby Gear You Can Live Without - New Mom Advice - Baby Registry - New Mom Tips - Tips for First Time Parents


37 thoughts on “Baby Gear You Don’t Need”

  1. I loved my baby food processor!! It steams and purees all in one, and didn’t really take much time at all. I used a mixture of fresh foods I had to chop and frozen items I could just dump in. All depends on how much time I had. I agree BLW would be easier, though, lol!

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      I feel like the food processor one can go both ways. Either you love it or you have 3 other things in your house that can do the same thing. I wish I had as much time in my life as I do in my head to make food!


  2. There are a few of these that my sister said, “Don’t waste your money on that!” I am so glad we didn’t buy a baby bullet (we have the grown up one), wipe warmer (a tush can be cold for a minute), or a diaper Genie (a $10 flip-lid can from Target is doing quite well with baby #2.) We do have a high chair and love it, and with the second baby we broke down and bought a Mamaroo. Having a good, comfortable seat seemed more important to us when we had a toddler running around, too!

  3. Definitely no to the wipe warmer! My daughter uses her as a toy box! Diaper genie for me is necessary because we live in a hot desert and cannot take stinky diapers outside. I never used a baby food processor, just the one I had already had and made all my daughter’s baby food just fine. We got a farmhouse wood table as our picnic table and got rid of her high chair. Messes, no problem! Great post!!!

  4. Thank you for making this post!! Not because I’m in the dark about what baby gear I don’t need, but because there are just too many people out there saying only what stuff you DO need (and some of this stuff is on their lists). As a single-income money-very-tight family, it makes me really frustrated when people are trying to tell me something is a necessity when common sense is telling me that they obviously don’t know the definition of “necessity.”

    And I totally agree about there needing to be an adult swing. I’ve also thought that about the jolly jumper.

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      Thank you for the comment! I think there are a ton of products we can add to this list, too! We have so many things that just went unused because we simply were using something else that worked.


  5. My husband and I are super into live simply, and I would agree with all of the above! I did get a super simple swing and neither of my kids really liked it/used it. I keep wondering if I should get a nicer one for this baby, or just give up on swings entirely. Also, thank you for your honesty about the Mamroo! They are all the rage and I’ve never heard anyone post so honestly about it. I’m hoping they will soon start being available at garage sales and consignment shops, because there is no way this Mama is going to fork over that much money for something that *might* work.

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      Save your money! I know we all want the latest and greatest, but swings have worked for babies just fine! I think every baby is different in what item might work for them, but getting a regular swing would be sufficient if you wanted. I don’t think they’re necessary.


  6. I totally agree on all of these, except I LOVE our Mamaroo! We bought it for baby #3 and were able to use it for baby #4 as well. But I agree, you just never know with kids, some kids will like it (or traditional swings) and some kids won’t.

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      I’m glad you got some use out of the Mamaroo! Every baby is different and you never know what will work until you try!


  7. Great article. Wish I read this while I was pregnant! I put everything I was told I needed on the registry. Baby wipe warmer… unnecessary! Baby food processor… why can’t you just use a normal one? High chair – we really didn’t need it until 6-7months but it took up a ton of space!

    I actually started a company called Kid Gear ( to address the clutter, waste and never ending costs of raising kids. We have a curated marketplace for parents to share pre-loved kid gear and their advise with their neighbors 🙂

  8. haha I love this because it’s so TRUE! There is so much crap out there, but all you really need is the basics. This is a great post, I laughed out loud because I could relate so much. 🙂

  9. Yes! I agree with all except for the diaper genie…we have a boy and he stinks like boy and the diaper genie has really helped the smell in his room. But other than that, I agree. We didn’t get a high chair, mainly because we didn’t have room in our apartment…we got one of the booster chairs that attached to the table/and/or/chairs. I love that he is sitting AT the table with us from the beginning. For the baby food processor, we just used our already owned bullet food processor whenever we decided to make homemade baby food.

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      I feel like the diaper genie and the mamaroo are the things people either absolutely LOVE or hate.


    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      And I imagine you’ll be fine without the additional junk that just takes up too much room!


  10. Ha! You are SO right! Through times with my three boys I NEVER used the wipe warmer. I did use the diaper genie and it did work great to contain smells, but I hated to have to buy the bag insert cartridge all the time. I never made baby food because I never had time and my kids had texture issues so we needed the super smoothness of the store bought baby food.

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      My son LOVES the super smooth store bought food. Anytime we try a homemade puree, he gags!


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  12. Great post!
    I have to add my 2 cents as a pediatric PT. You don’t need walkers, exersaucers, jumpers, or massive toys to hang from the carseat or swing or crib! If your baby needs soothing, wear her! If your baby needs entertainment….tummy time!!! It’s that easy, right? 😉

    We did use the wipe warmer because we did cloth wipes. We put the clean wipes in the warmer and poured the homemade solution right in there…so it worked for us, but unfortunately, it ruined the dresser (moisture + wood = no bueno).

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      We didn’t use the jumper or exersaucer! We used the walker, but it ended up being because he loved pushing and not to learn to walk.

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  14. The wipe warmer, LOL – we got a bigger one for my first and even though we didn’t really use it and it really wasn’t worth it… I thought with my second that if I get the PORTABLE one (smaller version) I would use it… nope, it was still a hassel and I don’t even know where it ended up … These are all great, well worth the read! Thanks!

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  18. Great post … so much unnecessary junk. I agreed with your whole list, with the possible exception of the highchair. All our kids did great in a highchair. But in the end it’s a simple case of personal preference.

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