5 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Baby

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We’re all busy moms trying to find simple ways to spend more quality time with our kids. Time seems to move at a rapid pace once you welcome a baby. You blink and wonder where all the time went.

Whether you work outside the home or you stay home, these simple actionable tips can help any parent spend more time with their babies.

5 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Baby

Take Walks!

One of our favorite after dinner activities is to take a walk together, weather permitting. “Family Walk” is no electronic devices, just walking shoes. It’s a great way to have a conversation or to teach your children about the different sights they see, like different colors and vehicles they see. It’s a great way to decompress. No one’s in a rush!

Not driving everywhere you have to be is a great way to get quality time in with your children. Talk about what you’re going to do and the things you’re going to see. My rule is if I can walk there in 15 minutes or less, we’re not loading up the car. We have parks, playgrounds and a library within walking distance. I love talking with my kids about what we’re going to do on the way to our activity and a recap on our walk home.

Plan Plan Plan

Look, no judgments here, but if I don’t plan things ahead of time it just might not happen.

We have a command center and I have my planner. On Sunday, I plan the week out. From meals that are quick and easy so we spend less time chopping and more time together to what days we’re hanging out with friends at the playground, I plan our time out so we’re not wasting time in front of the TV and missing out on something.

Some people work better without a plan. That for sure was me before kids. Now? I crave my schedule. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making sure you plan special times to do things. My children don’t know I’ve scheduled to walk to the playground or swim at the pool.

Organize Your Diaper Changing Areas!

Keeping things organized at home so I spend less time searching is a work in progress but it’s something I believe in.

In my daughter’s room, we keep our drawers stocked with diaper essentials for smooth diaper changes but we hardly spend any time in there. With my preschooler son spending most of his indoor time in our living room, we’ve created a second diaper changing station complete with our Diaper Genie® Expressions Pail in the living room.

I love having easier access to everything so both children can have my attention.

The Diaper Genie® Expressions Pail works great in the living room because it has a double secure odor lock system prevents odors from escaping and you can customize to match your decor. It also holds up to 50 newborn diapers which allows for less emptying and more time playing peek-a-boo. It’s so convenient to have the Diaper Genie in our house.


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Can’t Find Time To Workout? Bring Your Baby!

I love fitting in a workout while I’m home with both kids. From doing yoga or a quick weight workout while babywearing, I never have to sacrifice on my own health and weight loss goals because I can’t get to the gym.

You don’t need a fancy stroller to go for a walk and you certainly don’t need to invest in any special equipment. Doing a workout at home with the power of the internet with your baby is a great way to fit in some quality time, get moving and have a fun time with your little ones.

I also love having dance parties with my kids. My daughter loves my singing (not many people do if we can be honest with each other) and loves when we bounce around the living room to my favorite songs. Or my son’s favorite songs.

Technology Blackout

From 4pm through our children’s bedtime, we have a technology blackout. This is mostly for the parents but we want our kids to see that we don’t need these little machines. Life with a baby can be filled with lots of phone time as they get older and become more independent.

We have found that we just fill any down time with endless scrolling on the phone and that’s just not good for any of us. We set the phones aside and there’s no TV.

I love our blackout time. Because we’re preparing dinner, eating, and doing our walks, it just makes complete sense for us to avoid our phones during this time so we can truly focus on our family.

What have you changed since becoming a parent to fit in more quality time with your babies?

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