45 Non-Food Weight Loss Rewards

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You’ve been doing great and crushing your goals but would like to reward yourself with something other than a cheat meal. Here are 45 non-food weight loss rewards!

45 non-food weight loss rewards

I love rewarding myself at certain milestones. Typically every 10lbs or when I complete a 30 Day Challenge, I pick a non-food related reward and when I succeed I do it!

A non-food weight loss reward should feel special to you. If you love to knit, new yarn and a new project might sound awesome! If gardening is your thing, some new flowers you’ve always wanted to plant would be a great idea.

When we reward ourselves, we can feel energized and cared for. Losing weight and forming new habits can definitely be draining. It’s important to reward yourself to reinvigorate your journey, fill your cup up, and help you keep moving.

I need to avoid food rewards. Back in the day, I used to reward myself with my favorite fast food meal or something like that was typically unhealthy. And then it just spirals out of control and I am back where I started.

Almost anything can be a reward as long as it doesn’t undermine any of the progress you’ve made so far. I know a piece of cake won’t hurt in the end but also food is not a reward for good behavior. A non-food weight loss reward will give you more confidence and inspire you to keep on. If I want a Taco Bell Chalupa, I’ll have the dang Chalupa, count my SmartPoints and move on. That’s why I’m on the myWW program- to help change my relationship with food.

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45 Non-Food Weight Loss Rewards

  1. Take a selfie.
  2. Post your success on social media and watch the likes roll in.
  3. Sleep in.
  4. Take a guilt free nap.
  5. Get a manicure, pedicure, or both! You can also buy a new shade of nail polish and do this at home.
  6. Buy a brand new fitness and weight loss journal.
  7. Take an at home bubble bath.
  8. Get a massage.
  9. Try a new hair cut or color.
  10. New workout clothes.
  11. New sunglasses.
  12. New outfit.
  13. Invest in a fitness tracker, like a FitBit.
  14. Take a day off work to do nothing at all!
  15. Buy something cute for your work area.
  16. Tickets to an event, like a baseball game or a musical.
  17. Visit a different park for a workout.
  18. Go see a new movie or watch a new TV show you’ve wanted to see.
  19. Night out with friends.
  20. Get a fitness subscription to a magazine or fitness app.
  21. Sign up for a charity 5k.
  22. New makeup.
  23. Use a free week at a local gym to try their pool or equipment.
  24. Buy or make a special piece of jewelry.
  25. Start a gratitude journal.
  26. Buy a lottery ticket.
  27. Buy a new house plant or fresh flowers.
  28. Upgrade your water bottle.
  29. Set time aside to color or draw.
  30. Take a social media break for a few days.
  31. Go through your clothes and donate whatever doesn’t fit. EVEN if you think you’ll fit in those jeans from 2012.
  32. Check out a book at the library and give yourself time to read it.
  33. Do a hobby that you haven’t done in a long time.
  34. Try a new workout. Check out these free YouTube channels to find your newest workout!
  35. Make a ribbon or trophy to give yourself.
  36. Buy new moisture-wicking socks.
  37. Find new headphones for the gym.
  38. Find a new podcast to listen to and listen to it without interruption.
  39. Host a game night for family or friends.
  40. Buy a new kitchen gadget, like a new food scale or fun colorful measuring cups!
  41. New workout gear, like a foam roller or resistance bands!
  42. Set up a fun activity to do with your kids.
  43. Take a walk downtown.
  44. What is your city or town known for? Go visit it!
  45. RELAX. Yes, seriously. Give yourself a few hours off if you can!

What are some of your favorite non-food weight loss rewards?

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