21 Spring Family Activities

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Spring has sprung and the weather is finally getting nicer! Here are 21 spring family activities you can do with your kids!

21 Spring Family Activities with Free Printable Checklist

I’m so excited for spring! While we do a decent amount of outdoor and indoor activities in the winter, there’s nothing like spring time. We can shed our jackets, run around without runny noses and finally enjoy the weather.

What better way to kick off spring than doing a lot of fun spring family activities? Here are 21 family fun spring activities to get the whole family outdoors!

21 Spring Family Activities

Here are the best family fun ideas to kick off spring! Head outdoors when the weather permits (or even in the rain!) and enjoy spring.

1. Go on a Picnic

We love having picnics especially when the weather warms up but isn’t too hot. Pack a meal for the whole family.

2. Fly a Kite

Kite flying does involve a breeze but my preschooler absolutely loves flying kites. Kites are relatively cheap and you can use again and again.

3. Make Mud Pies

This is going to be a messy one you can do after the rain or bring water from inside out. You can use some old Tupperware to make mud pies or sand toys for easy washing.

Want to do this activity indoors without any mud? Use Play-Doh!


4. Make a Bird Feeder

This Bird Feeder project from The Resourceful Mama is super easy if you’re not crafty. It’s easy for the kids and easy on you.

5. Sidewalk Chalk

We love sidewalk chalk! You can draw pictures or draw activities like hopscotch to do while outside. And it’s perfect because it’ll wash away with the spring rain.

6. Plant Something Green!

If you have a place in your yard, pick something that will grow this season and fairly quickly. Toddlers and preschoolers can be a little obsessive and you’ll want payoff sooner rather than later. Planting something is good for the earth plus it will give you a daily activity to check on and water as per the directions.

Can’t wait? Head to your local nursery and plant a potted plant! Know your audience, right!?

If you don’t have a garden do a search for a local community garden and get a small plot. It’ll make for a fun activity to go back over and over again.

7. Take a Nature Walk

Head outdoors for a family walk and make note of all the beautiful flowers and trees blooming!

Spring is a colorful season and a great way to teach all about colors, shapes and how plants and trees are dormant in the winter.

21 Spring Family Activities with Free Printable Checklist

8. Spring Scavenger Hunt

This adorable freebie Spring Scavenger Hunt from The Purposeful Nest is perfect for getting outdoors and finding things in nature!

9. Make a Spring Sensory Bin with your Finds!

Make it a point to collect the things you can, like leaves, flowers and sticks and make a Spring Sensory Bin!

10. Play Baseball

Spring means the boys of summer are back! Get a bat and a ball and head outdoors for a little catch or to hit the ball around.

11. Ride Bikes

Bike riding is a great spring activity. Grab your bikes and helmets, head to a scenic park and go for a ride.


12. Visit a Zoo or Farm

I personally love visiting farms and zoos when the weather is nice enough for a walk but not hot enough that I am sweating bullets 3 minutes in.

21 Spring Family Activities with Free Printable Checklist

13. Blow Bubbles

We love blowing bubbles outdoors! Between chasing the bubbles down to pop them and taking turns to blow the bubbles this is a fun activity.

You can also do this activity indoors. Put down a few towels and have fun!

14. Head to the Playground!

Ah, the playground. The kids love it and it might be one of my least favorite places to go but spring (and fall too) is the perfect time to get out there. The equipment isn’t too hot from the sun, there’s a breeze and you can take lunch too.

15. Find a Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festivals are typically held during the spring time! Search for one in your area and make a day of it. Then when you’re home find recipes featuring strawberries and use the ones you picked.

16. Take a Nature Walk…in the Rain!

Time to jump in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig. Get your rain boots, rain coat and umbrellas out and take a walk in the spring rain.

17. Go Fishing

Head to a local river, lake or even ocean for some fishing! This is definitely a nice leisure activity so you might want to put a bell on your fishing rod and eat some lunch or fly a kite nearby!

18. Head to a Local Farmer’s Market

We love our local farmer’s markets. The produce is cheaper, the honey is local (and perfect for those spring allergies) and we get fresh flowers at rock bottom prices.

19. Read a Book Outdoors

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to take a book outside! Even if your kids aren’t at reading age, do a picture walk in the book before reading each story. Picture walks are a great way to get your child to tell stories and use their imagination.


20. Go Bird Watching

The birds are making their way back North after the winter! Head outdoors and see what birds you can find! We get a lot of blue jays and red robins in our area.

21. Make Paper Airplanes

Anyone else’s kids absolutely obsessed with airplanes? Make paper airplanes and soar them through the sky. Have your kids decorate them too for their own personal touch!

What are some of your favorite spring family activities?

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