13 Tips for Fall Fitness

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Don’t let cooler weather and seasonal comfort food cause you to fall off the fitness wagon! Here are my 13 tips for fall fitness to help you stay on track during this season of change.

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The leaves are turning, the temperature will soon drop and I’m dreaming of apple pie. But I don’t want to undo any of my hard work over the summer when I was chowing down on fruit and salad and heading to the pool daily.

Fall is a great time to stay outdoors for a workout! Here are my XX tips for fall fitness so you can keep going well into the holiday season.

13 Tips for Fall Fitness

Enjoy Outdoor Fall Activities

Who doesn’t love apple picking and heading out to the trails to see all the pretty colors of fall. Head out to a local farm and tour the orchards or pumpkin patches, head to a corn maze and get a workout in while doing something fall outdoors.

It’s a great way to bond with your kids, get your steps in and stay on track.

Stock Up on In Season Produce

Everyone knows apples and pumpkin are in season once fall hits – and I seriously start craving apples as soon as September 1 rolls on through – but there are so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season right now! Check them out here and head to your local farmer’s market to get those steps in and buy the best produce.

Dress Appropriately

Heading outdoors for your workout is great in the fall but make sure you pay attention to the weather and dress appropriately in layers if needed. As the season goes on, it’ll be much cooler in the mornings and evenings for your workouts.

Find Workouts for Indoors

Because the weather can be difficult, find workouts to do indoors like finding videos on YouTube or heading to the gym.

You can also create your own home gym to save yourself money on a gym membership. This is what I have mostly because that mom life doesn’t leave me with loads of time to head to the gym!

Sign Up for a 5K

Fall is a great time of year to do your first 5k! Because the weather is mild, it’s a great time to find a Halloween themed run or other holiday/fall themed runs. We have a few pumpkin themed runs in our area that end with hot spiced cider!

Check your local farms, wineries and breweries for events.

Take a Class

If you love that Back-to-School feeling, taking a class can be a lot of fun. I think of September as a new beginning just like New Years. It’s a great time to rethink your workout plan and start something different and new.

Take a class in kickboxing, yoga, pilates or something completely new and exciting.

Keep Track of Your Diet and Exercise

Continue to keep track of your diet and exercise with my Daily Fitness & Meal Plan Printable. It’s a great way to stay on track daily and will help you develop a great pattern of good habits that’ll take you well into the holiday season.

Change It Up

Keep yourself from workout boredom by changing your routine up. Take a weekly class, follow a YouTube channel and do something different. If you’re just walking on a treadmill daily you’re not fully utilizing your time and energy and will quickly burn out.

Keep it fresh and reevaluate when needed. I love using the season change to think about my workout and coming up with a new plan especially if I have been struggling.

Stay Hydrated

With the weather cooling down we may not feel that insatiable thirst we do in the summer time. Make sure to stay hydrated as usual to help your body recover after a workout and control your hunger.

Drink Tea to Stay Healthy

Because our kids are in day care or off at school surrounded by germs, we moms have to do our best to stay healthy. Drinking green or black tea loaded with antioxidants after a cold workout will help your body warm back up and help you stay healthy.

Turn TV Time into Workout Time

I know in the fall on Sundays, I park it in front of the TV watching football eating snacks. Instead of just, ya know, sitting around, get up during commercials and do squats, jumping jacks or anything to get the blood flowing!

I love a good commercial break workout! You can complete a few circuits of exercise in just one 30 minute episode!

Outdoor Chores

Your outdoor chores can be a workout! Raking leaves, cleaning the garden and taking care of the yard in the fall is a great way to burn some calories.

Figure Out Your Workout Schedule (And Give Yourself Grace!)

With the holidays coming, familial obligations creep in and we might not be able to get to our workout in time. Set aside time once a week to make a plan.

Whether you workout in the mornings or the evenings, write it into your schedule or set an alarm to start your workout.

Give yourself grace when you have to skip a workout to attend a Halloween party for your kid’s school or when Thanksgiving rolls in and you can’t find time to run.

How do you stay fit during the season change? What is your favorite fall workout? Do you have any additional tips for fall fitness?


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